Xisco Peculiart

Lifestyle for the Natural Existence

An Art Studio and Gallery Shop containing the works of Xisco Peculiart. In his surreal world, the planet is dead,bugs and weeds are emotional, children are crying, tress have no leaves, nature is at war with itself, water is scarce, and the life that once was will become uprooted. Surreal, apocalyptic, and dreamy nightmare imagery is what you will find here. Collect the ongoing and limited ephemera art, stationery, home decor, and apparel and become a part of this fantastic peculiar story unfolding.

My slogan is "Become Uprooted." What does it mean? It defines our state of existence at the moment. The have-all and never-haves split greatly. Nature is in transition. There is too much information and lies, too little communication and deep thought. There is only one thing left to do. One must uproot themselves from where they think they belong and become something else in order to survive. One must become uprooted to survive in the world we live in today. One can't exist in the same place any longer. It is now that a New Existence occurs, in our roots and our emotions. It is in this statement that the imagery is inspired from. Open your beliefs for there are no doors to lock in this world. Although the atmosphere may be dusty, there is still movement as winds blow distant memories and long lost loves into our waking breathing pattern. Become uprooted to become passion.

Contact: xiscopeculiart@gmail.com

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